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Traitors is a British drama thriller television series, created and written by Matthew Arlidge. The series centres around a young civil servant, Emma, who is recruited by a mysterious counter-terrorism organization known only as The Haven. The second season of Traitors recently aired on Channel 4. Let`s test your knowledge about the latest episodes and plot details of this suspenseful show in this 5 question quiz!

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    What city does most of the action in Traitors season 2 take place?

    • London
    • Paris
    • Dublin
    • Berlin

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    All the key events and plotlines in the second season of Traitors continue to unfold primarily in London.

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    What is the full name of the main character played by Keeley Hawes?

    • Emma Lenton
    • Claire Lindsey
    • Sophie Maievski
    • Abigail Moss

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    Keeley Hawes plays the role of Emma Lenton, a civil servant secretly working for the shadowy counterterrorism group called The Haven.

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    Which character experiences a tragic fate in season 2?

    • Feef Symonds
    • Fiona Doyle
    • Adam Carson
    • Angus Thompson

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    Adam Carson, played by Luke Norris, meets an untimely end in the season finale after being framed as a traitor.

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    What revelation is made about Sophie`s background in season 2?

    • She has a secret husband
    • She used to be a MI5 agent
    • She`s actually Russian
    • She has a child she gave up

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    It`s disclosed that before joining The Haven, Sophie had previously worked as a field agent for MI5.

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    Who does Emma become romantically involved with in season 2?

    • Feef Symonds
    • Angus Thompson
    • Her ex-husband Luke
    • None of the above

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    Emma strikes up a new romance with her Haven colleague Angus Thompson, played by Stephen Campbell Moore.

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