Quiz: Golden Globes 2024 Best Actor TV Drama Winner Kieran Culkin Succession 12 Questions


Kieran Culkin won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Drama Series for his role as Roman Roy in Succession. Succession is an American television drama series created by Jesse Armstrong that premiered on HBO in 2018. It centers on the Roy family as they prepare for the next phase of their media conglomerate Waystar Royco, while the patriarch Logan Roy faces declining health and influence. The series depicts the family’s rivalry and power struggles as they each vie to take over the company. Let’s test your knowledge about Kieran Culkin’s award winning role in Succession in this 12 question quiz.

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    What is the name of Kieran Culkin’s character in Succession?

    • Connor Roy
    • Roman Roy
    • Kendall Roy
    • Shiv Roy

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    Kieran Culkin plays Roman Roy, one of Logan Roy's four adult children battling for control over the family's media empire.

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    What is the name of the media conglomerate at the center of the show?

    • Roy Media
    • Waystar Royco
    • Succession Global
    • Roystar

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    Waystar Royco is the fictional global media and entertainment company at the center of the show.

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    Which character does Kieran Culkin’s Roman Roy have a tempestuous relationship with?

    • His father Logan Roy
    • His brother Kendall Roy
    • His sister Shiv Roy
    • His cousin Greg Hirsch

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    Roman has a love-hate relationship with his ambitious brother Kendall throughout the show.

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    What is Roman Roy’s role within Waystar Royco?

    • CEO
    • COO
    • CFO
    • He doesn’t hold an executive position

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    Unlike his siblings, Roman does not hold a clear role or responsibilities within the family business.

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    What is the overarching plot of Succession?

    • A family prepares for the next phase as their patriarch faces declining influence
    • Siblings battle to take over their father’s global conglomerate
    • An inheritance dispute tears a wealthy family apart
    • Media moguls compete for power and deals

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    The show focuses on the Roy siblings - Kendall, Shiv, and Roman - vying for control over their father Logan's empire.

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