Quiz: Are Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung Dating? [8]

maxresdefault1 Quiz: Are Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung Dating? [8]

Welcome to the quiz exploring the relationship dynamics of Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung, the talented stars of Netflix’s My Demon. Dive into the details of their personal lives and see if you can decipher the truth behind the dating rumors and speculations.

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    Are Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung currently in a relationship?

    • Yes, they have confirmed their relationship
    • No, they are not dating
    • Uncertain, as they haven’t disclosed their relationship status

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    Despite fans' curiosity, Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung have not publicly confirmed their relationship status, leaving it uncertain whether they are dating or not.

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    What is the premise of the Netflix series My Demon, in which Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung star?

    • A romantic comedy set in modern-day Seoul
    • A historical drama featuring a love story between a South Korean heiress and a demon
    • A fantasy adventure centered around supernatural beings
    • A mystery thriller exploring the secrets of a demon’s powers

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    My Demon follows the story of a South Korean heiress, Do Do Hee, who encounters a demon named Jung Koo Won, played by Song Kang, adding a romantic element to the plot.

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    In an interview with Elle Korea, what challenge did Song Kang mention regarding his character in My Demon?

    • Overcoming physical challenges during filming
    • Adapting to the comedic elements of his character
    • Building on the emotional depth of his role
    • Mastering the use of supernatural powers

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    Song Kang highlighted the difficulty of adapting to the comedic elements of his character in My Demon during an interview with Elle Korea in November 2023.

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    Which celebrities has Kim Yoo-Jung been linked to in past relationship rumors?

    • Song Kang and Milo Manheim
    • iKON’s JU-NE and Cha Sun Woo
    • Han So-hee and Baro
    • Uncertain, as she has not confirmed any relationships publicly

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    Kim Yoo-Jung has been the subject of relationship rumors with celebrities such as iKON’s JU-NE and Cha Sun Woo, though she has not confirmed any of these publicly.

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    What was the nature of the dating rumors surrounding Song Kang after starring in Nevertheless?

    • Dating Kim Yoo-Jung, his My Demon co-star
    • Romantically involved with Han So-hee, his Nevertheless co-star
    • Linked to a non-celebrity, not related to his work
    • Dating multiple people simultaneously

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    Despite overwhelming chemistry with Han So-hee in Nevertheless, Song Kang clarified that they are just friends, dispelling dating rumors between them.

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    What did Song Kang express about working with Han So Hee on Nevertheless?

    • Acknowledged a romantic relationship
    • Described her as difficult to work with
    • Expressed gratitude and admiration for her talent
    • Discussed their plans for future collaborations

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    Song Kang expressed gratitude and admiration for Han So Hee's talent, praising her portrayal of the character Yu Na Bi in Nevertheless during an interview with Tatler in August 2021.

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    In My Demon, who does Kim Yoo-Jung’s character, Do Do Hee, meet and form a connection with?

    • A powerful sorceress
    • A human detective
    • A demon with lost powers named Jung Koo Won
    • A mysterious time traveler

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    In My Demon, Kim Yoo-Jung's character, Do Do Hee, encounters and forms a connection with a demon named Jung Koo Won, played by Song Kang.

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    What can viewers enjoy by watching My Demon?

    • Insights into Song Kang’s personal life
    • A thrilling mystery surrounding supernatural powers
    • A heartwarming romantic comedy
    • Kim Yoo-Jung’s perspective on relationships

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    Viewers can enjoy a thrilling mystery surrounding supernatural powers in My Demon, with new episodes dropping every Friday and Saturday on Netflix.

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