Quiz: What’s in a Name – The Story of Gollum

Why Smeagol Is Called Gollum Quiz: What's in a Name - The Story of Gollum

In Lord of the rings, Smeagol most of the time repeated the word “Gollum”. He said it twice:

Gollum! Gollum!

Delve into the mysterious world of Gollum, a character from ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Uncover the origins and significance of his name as we explore the intriguing backstory behind this iconic figure.

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    What event led to Smeagol being called ‘Gollum’ by his peers and family?

    • Discovering the One Ring
    • Being cursed by a wizard
    • Getting expelled by his grandmother
    • Embarking on a dangerous quest

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    Smeagol was called 'Gollum' after being expelled by his grandmother due to his thieving and muttering behavior.

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    How was the name ‘Gollum’ derived, according to the LOTR wiki?

    • From a powerful incantation
    • Based on a distant ancestor’s name
    • Inspired by a mysterious prophecy
    • From the sound of his gurgling cough

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    The name 'Gollum' was derived from the sound of Smeagol's disgusting gurgling, choking cough.

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