Quiz: Microsoft’s Fight Against Cybercrime

Microsofts Fight Against Cybercrime Quiz: Microsoft's Fight Against Cybercrime

Welcome to the world of cybersecurity and online fraud! In this quiz, explore the recent actions taken by Microsoft in the battle against cybercrime. Test your knowledge on the details of a U.S. court allowing Microsoft to seize websites linked to a Vietnamese operation involved in selling fake Microsoft accounts. Let’s dive into the complexities of the digital realm and Microsoft’s efforts to protect its users.

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    What prompted Microsoft to seize the websites mentioned in the article?

    • Alleged involvement in cryptocurrency trading
    • Selling counterfeit Microsoft products
    • Automating the CAPTCHA process for creating fake accounts
    • Hosting websites through Cloudflare
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    Which website tied to the operation was a popular source for buying fake Hotmail accounts in bulk?

    • Microsoft Marketplace
    • Cloudflare Exchange
    • Hotmailbox
    • WedMoney
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    How did the alleged fraudsters defeat the CAPTCHA process according to Amy Hogan-Burney?

    • They manually solved each CAPTCHA
    • They used advanced AI algorithms
    • They outsourced CAPTCHA solving to a third party
    • They created a bot to automate CAPTCHA solving
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    How much money has Microsoft spent fighting bots from abusing its service?

    • Millions of dollars
    • Tens of millions of dollars
    • Hundreds of millions of dollars
    • Billions of dollars
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    Which San Francisco company hosted the Hotmailbox website and its infrastructure?

    • Microsoft Hosting Services
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Cloudflare
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    In what way did Hotmailbox accept payment for the fake accounts it offered for sale?

    • Credit card payments only
    • Cryptocurrency, Russian online payment system WedMoney, and Vietcombank
    • PayPal transactions
    • Bank checks and money orders

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