Quiz: Kathleen Folbigg’s Legal Journey

Kathleen Folbigg Quiz: Kathleen Folbigg's Legal Journey

Welcome to the quiz exploring the legal journey of Kathleen Folbigg, a woman wrongfully convicted for the death of her children in Australia. Test your knowledge on the details of her case and the factors that led to her eventual release.

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    When was Kathleen Folbigg convicted, and what was she accused of?

    • Convicted in 2003 for fraud
    • Convicted in 2003 for murder of her children
    • Convicted in 1999 for theft
    • Convicted in 1999 for drug trafficking
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    What was the basis of Kathleen Folbigg’s original guilty verdict?

    • Medical evidence explaining the children’s deaths
    • Diary entries considered admissions of guilt
    • Eyewitness accounts from neighbors
    • CCTV footage showing suspicious activity
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    Which controversial precept was used in Folbigg’s case, suggesting three or more sudden infant deaths were murders until proven otherwise?

    • Newton’s Law
    • Meadow’s Law
    • Einstein’s Law
    • Darwin’s Law
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    What breakthrough came in 2018 that played a crucial role in Kathleen Folbigg’s case?

    • Discovery of a rare genetic variation
    • New eyewitness testimony
    • Confession from an accomplice
    • Security camera footage proving innocence
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    Who published a book in 2011 arguing that Kathleen Folbigg had been wrongly convicted?

    • John Grisham
    • Emma Cunliffe
    • Michael Connelly
    • Jodi Picoult
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    What did Kathleen Folbigg accuse the prosecution of in relation to her diary entries?

    • Taking her words out of context
    • Editing her entries to frame her
    • Forging the diary entries
    • Ignoring her diary as evidence
  • Question of

    What did the 2023 inquiry conclude about Kathleen Folbigg’s convictions?

    • Confirmed her guilt based on the diary entries
    • Found reasonable doubt and quashed the convictions
    • Suggested a retrial for further examination
    • Ignored the new scientific evidence
  • Question of

    What does Kathleen Folbigg hope for in the aftermath of her acquittal?

    • Retribution against those who convicted her
    • A change in Australia’s legal system
    • Public apology from the prosecution
    • Monetary compensation only
  • Question of

    What does Kathleen Folbigg consider herself, despite the challenges she faced?

    • Unlucky and bitter
    • A symbol of resilience
    • A fortunate survivor
    • A scapegoat for the legal system
  • Question of

    What does Kathleen Folbigg believe was ignored in 1999 that could have proven her innocence?

    • DNA evidence
    • Legal advice
    • The system’s preference to blame her
    • Eyewitness testimony

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